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We changed our 3-day World Class Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for High Reliability into a highly successful online Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course.

After converting our 3-day maintenance planning and scheduling training into a ten module online maintenance planning course by distance education, we tested it around the world for two years.

The response has been so fantastic, and the maintenance planning training quality so great, that we decided to make the online maintenance planning and scheduling course our preferred way to deliver our world class industrial maintenance planning and scheduling training.

Find more information about the online maintenance planning training course at LRS Consultants Global website: Maintenance Planning Training Course by Online Distance Education

Testimonials about the Lifetime Reliability Online Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course by Distance Education

Student Testimonial for our online Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Course:

"Thanks Mike, I must say I am really proud of this achievement (First Class Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Certificate). Although I have been at Hitachi for nearly seventeen years my background was in the parts area. Reman pumps was started five years ago to service our excavators in the mining industry.

Three years ago Hitachi could really see the value in Reman pumps and motors, so hired a full time manager purely to see Reman nurtured to its potential. I don’t know what this manager saw in me, but he convinced me to come on board as the only non trades person at Reman to organise stores, paint and package units, control core returns and slowly develop a system to run the Reman operations. At that stage we were producing about thirty units a month. Three years later we are now producing 130 units a month. With further expansion of Reman underway at the moment, we will ramp-up production gradually to produce 500 units per month within the next two years (as I say one hell of an expansion happening).

So, long story short, the manager had the basics in place but knew we needed to improve on all our processes, procedures, safety, training, stores holding, available resources and improved subcontract work. This is where I come back in, Reman needed a component planner and scheduler. I applied, the manager gave me the position and set me to task, but 12 months in I needed to understand more about the when, where and why of planning and scheduling to achieve our goal. So I started your online planning and scheduling course.

Each time I learnt something new from you I would implement it or suggest we change something for the better. Once the boss got suspicious about what I was doing and he started making sense of what I was changing, I finally told him about you and and the course (sometime into Module 3 I think) So finally, we needed to improve all our processes and procedures, as well as manage job time to a greater level. We are achieving this. We have put into place a parts system to ensure jobs will be built on schedule; better communication with the boys on the shop floor (I run a daily Production meeting) and our jobs status has a more visual impact than ever before. We will constantly continue to improve and evolve.

A by product from working with you is the improvement in my IT skills. Who’d a thought it at 55 YO. Thanks again Mike for everything you’ve done. Will be happily recommending LIFETIME RELIABILITY SOLUTIONS."

Peter Thompson, Reman Pumps, Australia

  • From a mature aged Maintenance Fitter in Australia:

    “With all the kids grown it gives me more time to work on the assignments. I am enjoying the challenge immensely.”
  • From a Maintenance Planner working at a Australian Maintenance Contractor:

    “I have worked through Module 1. I love the content. I look forward to doing this course.”
  • From an Australian Maintenance Planner who completed the online maintenance planning course:

    “I'd just like to say that I have enjoyed the course and it has definitely shown me how proper planning and scheduling of tasks can greatly enhance the final outcome of the work being performed.”
  • This comes from an African student in the maintenance planning role:

    “I just completed Module 4. Let me comment on the Unit. It is very nice in terms of the content of the material. I went through Job Plan Process, then Work Standard required as per OEM, and finally Risk Treatment at our workplace and the job which we are doing. Prior to this module I did not know that Planners are key players in safety, but through this module I learnt that you cannot plan any job without putting first priority in Safety.”
  • Here are comments from a young maintenance technician wanting to change to a maintenance planning career:

    “Thank you very much, yes I enjoy the course and find it very good. It relates very well to my work and it is great content.”
  • A comment from a young woman new to the maintenance planning role:

    “Once again thank you and I look forward to starting the next module. I am finding the course very interesting and it will certainly help with my role here at MG.”
  • The learning you gain from the maintenance planning training can be put to immediate use. This comment from a woman made responsible for maintenance planning:

    “This assignment has become extremely beneficial for my department, as previously there was nothing at all in place and nothing in the system. Now we are using this spreadsheet on a daily basis, and stocking parts into our store etc. It is great.”
  • From one of the first African students on the maintenance planning course:

    “Thanks a lot, the material you are teaching makes me change daily. Not only that, but you teach me to be innovative rather than complaining. You are making my life easier than before.”
  • This Canadian industrial operation wants to make the online maintenance planning course standard in their company:

    “I will be giving a presentation to our Superintendent/Manager group in about two weeks with the intention of introducing completion of your on-line Maintenance Planning and Scheduling course as a mandatory qualification for our Maintenance Planners.”

Change your career for the better and increase your income by enrolling in this world class maintenance planning training and scheduling training course. Do this 10 module coached industrial maintenance planning and scheduling training and expand your maintenance career options.

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